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Basement Plumbing Services in Denver, CO

Basement plumbing can add value to a finished basement with the added benefit of making that area of your Denver home more livable. If you’re planning for basement bedrooms or envision a downstairs recreation, game, movie or exercise room in your Denver home, no one will have to hasten up the stairs when nature calls. There are other plumbing options that can go with basements, like a mini-kitchen or even a wet bar, or even some considerations to keep the basement dry like a sump pump.

Denver Plumbers Providing You With A Downstairs Kitchen, Wet Bar or Laundry Room

If your plan is to add a kitchen, wet bar or laundry room downstairs, there are many considerations for when it comes to your basement plumbing. They must have a water supply, a drain for wastewater, and a place for a vent, if needed. Oftentimes, placing plumbing downstairs as close to plumbing upstairs is the easiest way to tie into your Denver home’s existing system. Our plumbers are both trained and competent enough to install everything properly and are ready to help with your basement.

Basement Drainage in Denver

A sump pump is installed in the basement of Denver homes to collect water and discharge it before it can damage your foundation. If you commonly see moisture in your basement or if you are located on a flood plain, a sump pump might be exactly what you need. There are two types, a pedestal and a submersible. Our plumbers are trained in the installation and repair of both and can install the proper one to fit your home’s needs.

Denver’s Premier Plumbers Install Basement Toilets

Basement plumbing for toilets in Denver seems complicated. If your existing plumbing is above your basement, how are you supposed to proceed? There are three main types of systems to ensure the process works: pressure-assisted, up-flushing toilets and sewage ejector systems. In pressure-assisted toilets the water fills the tank and is held there under pressure. Up-flushing toilets have blades that shred solid material, eliminating expensive plumbing work down the road. Sewage ejector systems flush wastewater from toilets or washing machines up into existing sewer lines.

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Afford-A-Rooter Plumbing is a second-generation plumbing company serving the Denver area since 2006. Our technicians are trained in new plumbing installation and updating or extending old plumbing. We offer regular and emergency repair services for leaks, toilets, garbage disposals, hot water heaters and more, and are experienced in both residential and commercial plumbing services. We received the Angie’s List Super Service award from 2012-2017 and have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Let us handle your plumbing projects!

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